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Industrial CNC Routers strives to engage in the constant pursuit of our predetermined and worthwhile goals. The foundation of which are: provide the worlds best cnc router systems at affordable prices. Maintain our industry leading innovations and unmatched customer satisfaction by providing lifetime technical support paired with our bullet proof warranty.

Industrial CNC Routers help to create energy!

Industrial Conglomerate, Teledyne has evolved from a company primarily focused on aerospace and defense to one that serves multiple markets requiring advanced technology and high reliability.

Teledyne is comprised of more than 100 global companies with interests as varied as defense, appliances, specialty metals, marine, aerospace and electronics.

When they needed to outfit their Energy Systems Division with CNC Router capabilities, they had many options and resources at their disposal. Keep in mind these are some of the best and brightest scientists and engineers in the world. After countless hours of thorough investigating, research, data gathering and testing, the choice was clear. Teledyne chose to partner with Industrial CNC.

Industrial CNC is the best-positioned CNC router manufacturer in the world to assist a wide variety of needs; industrial application and production facilities, entrepreneurs and business owners looking to expand and automate, and the growing number of do-it-yourself creators launching world changing ideas and projects from their workshops and garages.

We at Industrial CNC are proud to work with a company so committed to excellence, and honored to contribute to their continued success.

The most accurate CNC used for the deadly accurate spearguns

John Ippolito and Ron Doelman built Koah Spearguns around the idea that authentic quality requires high quality craftsmanship and innovation. This commitment shows in their custom spearguns, not only in accuracy, strength, and quality but in the distinctive character in all of their designs.

A key component of their process was choosing the right materials, which in this case was top quality hard woods. Fortunately, Ron's 30 years in the high end wood business made this an easier process that it would be for most, as he had already learned the secrets to dealing with even the toughest of woods. With John's design background and knowledge of speargun modification, they were ready to make top quality spearguns.

Once their designs were perfected the guys at Koah understandably found a high demand for their products. This led them to look at ways to streamline production. To that end, they brought aboard a Pro Series CNC Router from Industrial CNC.

John had this to say about that experience:

"Working with exotic woods day after day we buy a lot of new equipment every year ... Some holds up, others do not. When I came across industrial CNC I was skeptical with the affordable price. We take good care of our equipment, but we also run it harder than a rented mule. We put it through heavy labor from day one. The softest wood we work with is teak so we needed something that could maintain tolerance under heavy milling. CNC runs 6-7 hours daily and I am more than impressed with the abuse it stands up to. You will get your return on investment with this company!"

We at Industrial CNC are proud to work with a company so committed to excellence, and honored to contribute to their continued success. Take a look at their Spearguns here, and prepare to be impressed.

SPIKE TV uses Industrial CNC Routers for new Reality Show, "FRAMEWORK"

Be sure to catch world renowned furniture builder (and member of the Industrial CNC Router Family) Nolen Nui, on Spike TV - Tuesdays, Starting January 6 at 10:00 PM, ET/PT. As he co hosts the new show "Framework".

"Framework" will showcase the nation's best emerging furniture designers as they compete for a $100,000 cash prize and the opportunity to launch their furniture nationally.

CNC Router Bits for Steel, Stainless Steel & Non Ferrous Metal

Want to cut tear into some metal with your Industrial CNC Router Table? Check out these 2 and 3 Flute bits manufactured from Amana Tool®'s exclusive ultra-fine micrograin carbide and feature a 30 degree Center Cutting Mill End, a corner chamfer (for extra strength), Up-Cut design and very importantly, a AlTiN (Aluminum Titanium Nitride) Coating. Excellent for use in a broad range of metal materials, varying from non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, brass and copper, low carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, super alloys, titanium and plastics.

Care should be taken to observe proper feeds and speeds according to the work piece material to avoid damage. The special carbide grade combined with the AlTiN coating gives amazing performance. The unique corner chamfer gives the bits great strength. These bits are available in several sizes.

Carbide grade CNC router bits

Benefits of AITiN Coating:

  • Extra wear resistance
  • Allows for faster feed and speed rates
  • Cutting edge protected from wear
  • Better chip evacuation
  • Less heat build up
  • Superior cutting quality and extended tool life

Cuts these materials: Stainless Steel, Steel, Low Carbon Steel, Cast Iron, Titanium, Super Alloys, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Magnesium, Plastics, Composites and materials up to 40HRc Hardness.

To achieve the best results and maximum tool life, please consider the appropriate Feed and Speed calculations. Use of lubricant / coolant is strongly recommended.

Call 1-888-398-9285 to learn more about how a CNC Router System can benefit your company.

The World's Largest Aquarium Gets The World's Best CNC Router!

The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA is the largest Aquarium in the world, holding 8.5 million gallons of water, and more than 500 aquatic species. The Aquarium got its start from a gift by Bernard Marcus, (the co founder of Home Depot.) Inspired by a visit to another Aquarium, he imagined the Georgia Aquarium as a way to increase education about marine life as well as provide a boost to the Atlanta economy. Since it opened in 2005, the Aquarium has been a great success, bringing in millions of visitors every year. The educational aspect has also been very successful, helping researchers at Georgia Tech, Georgia State University in Atlanta, and the University of Georgia in Athens learn a lot about endangered species, which assists their efforts to save them.

The Georgia Aquarium is divided into six galleries, each reflecting a specialized theme; Georgia Explorer, a collection of kid friendly exhibits including touch pools, River Scout, devoted to Native North American fish, Ocean Voyager, which showcases the sea life of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, (as well as the aquarium's famous whale sharks,) Cold Water Quest, an exhibit focused on animals from the polar regions, Tropical Diver, which features Indo Pacific sea life, and Dolphin Tales, which of course features the popular dolphin shows. While a visit to the Aquarium is great entertainment, they take their commitment to the environment and conservation just as seriously. They recently partnered with Florida Atlantic University setting up a field station to monitor bottlenose dolphins, hoping to aid them against a troubled environment.

Georgia Aquarium CNC Tradesmen

On the logistical side of things, each gallery contains many exhibits, and with millions of people touring the Aquarium, including countless children, the signs and displays can wear down. They also come up with new exhibits regularly, which means the display materials have to be designed and produced. This is a lot easier to keep up with when you have all the equipment in house.

To that end, the Georgia Aquarium purchased an Industrial CNC Router, giving their design team an efficient way to produce their own carved signage and displays, whether simple flat cut outs or CNC produced full 3D Models. We're proud our router can be an integral part of their mission to educate people about the biggest part of their planet.

Call 1-888-398-9285 to learn more about how a CNC Router System can benefit your company.

Making a Splash With Their Industrial CNC Router!

If you spend enough time in sunny Miami, Florida, chances are you'll see a boat or two. The Port of Miami, is well known as the Cruise Capital of the world and people come from all over for the warm climate and the clear water. If you enjoy boating, there's no better place to be. However, the good time stops if your boat isn't running, or if it's not looking its best. Luckily, one company understands this and is dedicated to keeping your boat in top shape.

Miami Boat Works is a family owned business offering boat repair & maintenance services for all models and makes of boats and engines. Whether you need a new coat of paint, a new dash panel, engine repair, or a complete overhaul, they have the tools and experience to do it right.

Boat Dash Boards

When Miami Boat Works decided to focus more on customized marine dash panels, their research led them to Industrial CNC. Their CNC Router fit into their business naturally, allowing them to cut out even the most intricate designs accurately with a fraction of the work it would take to cut them out by hand. Their Industrial CNC soon became a trusted and productive employee, complementing their already considerable skills by getting the job done in the most efficient way possible. It's no wonder they keep it running every day now.

If you need a boat, want to fix the boat you have, or just want to add some improvements, the guys at Miami Boat Works have the right solution for you. They're proud to be a family business, with state of the art tools to back up their comprehensive knowledge of everything marine. Industrial CNC is very proud to be a part of their success.

Call 1-888-398-9285 to learn more about how a CNC Router System can benefit your company.

Making Their Mark & Leaving a Great Impression!

Founded in 1978 with a goal of being "Your One Stop Traffic Shop!" Alpine Products has grown to one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of Traffic and Pavement Stencil and Marking Products and Signage. With their global distribution center, showroom, and corporate offices, Alpine is committed to offering a wide range of products with great service and fast delivery.

Alpine Also offers a huge selection of signs and with the addition of their 4X8 Industrial CNC Router System, if they don't have it, they can create it.

Call 1-888-398-9285 to learn more about how a CNC Router System can benefit your company.

Keeping You on the Cutting Edge

We are always looking to keep our customers on the Cutting Edge. Check out the In-Groove CNC Insert Engraving Tool Body & Replacement Knives by Amana Tools.

The In-Groove Insert Engraving System features one tool body with 30 unique insert knives designed for a variety of applications. Ideal for cutting laminated materials, veneers, MDF, plastics, wood, solid surface and carbon fiber. V-Tip inserts can also cut aluminum.

Industrial quality insert knives produce crisp, clean cuts and last as least twice as long as comparable solid carbide bits. Engraving system engineered to quickly interchange inserts while mounted in CNC machines eliminate down-time and maintain cutting accuracy. Check out the demo video here.

The In-Groove Insert Engraving System is another great accessory for your Industrial CNC Router System and can be purchased at Toolstoday.com and other Amana Tool distributors.

Call 1-888-398-9285 to learn more about how a CNC Router System can benefit your company.

Town and Country caters to the world!

When your business is catering to the demands of the world elite, you must be on the ball for every game. Check out Town and Country Event Rentals.

With Over 30 years of serving Fortune 500 clients, Hollywood premiers and elite events and private parties and weddings, Town and Country focuses on providing their clients with the highest quality in event and party rentals. Offering an exciting and unique variety of custom inventory and decor, along with services that are truly unsurpassed from start to finish.

Town and Country Hollywood Premier Stages

In addition to their outstanding collection of the finest event rental equipment available, Town and Country can also provide the following services to insure your event runs seamless:

  • On-site event consultation
  • Full event municipal permitting service
  • Event logistics and coordination
  • 42" CAD & 3D event drawings
  • Custom signage
  • 24 hour on-call service
  • Setup and take down of all rental equipment
  • Installation available 24/7
  • On-site stand-by event manager during event
  • Generator and power distribution
  • Toilets and plumbing service
  • Fencing and crowd control

With addition of their 4'X8' Router by Industrial CNC. Town and Country is able to offer complete custom fabrication and high speed processing to increase and maximize their production process.

The Second Nature of Things...

Founded in the valley of the great Rocky Mountains is Rustic Log Furniture, a company that produces and sells log and rustic furniture items to consumers around the United States. Based in Alamosa, Colorado, it has two locations - one in Alamosa and the other in the city of Denver.

Randy Jackson, the owner of the company, started the business in 1996 while in college. He built a swing for his mother and mother-in-law for Mother's Day. Then people asked if he would make them one, too. He started making swings and logs. The business has grown to over 50 employees producing over 2,000 standard products. With the recent addition of a Pro-Series Craftsman 510, 5'X10' CNC Router System from Industrial CNC, the company realizes increased production along with the ability to create totally unique carvings, offering their customers customization on a massive scale while maintaining an affordable price point.

Rustic Log Furniture Products

The company manufacturers and sells Aspen log furniture - everything you could think of. From bedrooms to living rooms to cabinets, they do it all at surprising affordable prices. A queen size log bed costs about $700. A log dining table runs about $500 with the chairs an extra $200 per each. The wood is harvested dead-standing. Then the logs are hand peeled. They sand the logs down, cut and drill the holes in them, and assemble them together. Each piece is finished with a three-coat process - stain, sealer, and topper. Production is done in batches so large retail orders are fulfilled in about a week.

Check out their website at rusticlogfurniture.com

Tinder Wholesale gets the cutting edge with a new Industrial CNC Router

Tinder Wholesale of Manassas Va is a distributor of traditional wood moulding, millwork and lumber items, but is proud to offer a lo-maintenance line of products as well. To best serve the homeowner, extensive research has been conducted and the result is a group of products that save time and money on the upkeep of a home. The main focus of the company is to provide "just in time" delivery services for regional and independent retail lumber and millwork dealers, as well as housing manufacturers. Next day delivery is a reality for over 90% of their customer base.

In an effort to support their commitment to professional, on time delivery, Tinder added a Pro-Series Craftsman 510, 5'X10' CNC Router System from Industrial CNC to their arsenal of production machinery.

Check out their website at tinderwholesale.com

Scotty Bob: King of the Mountain with their Industrial CNC Router

At an elevation of 9,396 feet in the San Juan mountains of Colorado, there sits a restored power transfer station. In which Scotty Bob, the inventor of the BobTail Ski Design, makes skis on demand. There is no inventory in the building except for the materials to make the skis. All skis are made by only one builder from beginning to end, to ensure pride in workmanship.

Scotty Bob's is a great guy and his passion shows in the quality of his products. As Scotty says:"I HAVE THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD!" I design and hand make skis for individual people. Not just ordinary skis but special skis unlike anything they've ever skied before. My patented design provides skiers of all skill levels with precision ski instruments that allow them to turn and control their descent on a slope to a degree they never dreamed was possible.

Scotty Bob's Skis Products

Check out their website at scottybob.com

Teton Signs: Taming the Wild West with an Industrial CNC Router

Teton Signs of Elko Nevada has started making sawdust with their new Industrial CNC Router System.

One of their first projects was creating a western themed sign for The William's Family Gun Museum. The sign incorporated several dimensional parts, relief cuts and some flat cut outs. With their newly installed Industrial CNC Router Table in place, Teton was up for the task. The guns were designed with Vectric Software and milled out of MDF on the Industrial CNC Router.

For more information about Teton Signs follow their blog.

Jacksonville Fl. Sign Shop and their Industrial CNC Router

Brother's Mike and Grant Morgan of Sign Sharks Sign Service in Jacksonville Florida with their Pro-Series Artisan 408, 4'X8' Industrial CNC Router System.

Sign Sharks Sign Service is a family-owned and operated business that was founded in 1997. Their professional staff is dedicated to making their customer's experience with signage a pleasant one. With over 50 years combined experience, Sign Sharks is fully capable of designing, manufacturing and installing signage that will maximize their customer's advertising needs.

From Monument Signs and Channel Letters to Vinyl Graphics and Digital Prints, Sign Sharks is dedicated to meeting the needs of their customers! To see more of Sign Sharks work, visit them at signsharks.com

First Look ups the ante with a Industrial CNC Router

Industrial CNC Routers is happy to welcome First Look Display to the ICNC Family!

The addition of their Idustrial CNC Router will allow First Look Display to streamline production, improve quality control, cut costs and deliver a higher quality product in less time.

First Look Display Group is a privately owned Fixture and Display Manufacturer with over 13 years of expertise. They exceed customer's needs by delivering quality products at competitive prices and most important, keen attention to customer service. First Look treats every project with a high focus on customer care. Their headquarters, engineering, and sample department is located in Trevose, Pennsylvania.

First Look's display and fixture professionals can design multi-material point of purchase displays including wire, metal, wood, tubing, corrugated, acrylics and plastics. They strive to value-engineer every display to reduce cost and enhance functionality and pride themselves on delivering eye catching displays that give our customers' products the "First Look".

First Look Display Group serves a highly diverse list of customers in the United States, Canada and Mexico from major retailers, regional convenience stores and a wide variety of well known consumer brand products.

For more information on First Look Display and to the products they are producing visit www.firstlookdisplay.com

SheltonDean Inc. having fun with their Industrial CNC Router

SheltonDean, Inc. is a performance-based general contracting firm with over 100 years of combined experience, providing cost effective solutions to all of the challenges of total building envelope maintenance and facility asset management.

From small-scale custom jobs to extensive multi-scoped projects, Shelton Dean has completed, on time and within budget, complex and innovative construction projects throughout the entire Southeastern United States.

Certified with the Small Business Administration as an 8(a) and WOSB contractor, the team at SheltonDean, Inc. strives everyday to provide the best service possible. Like Industrial CNC Routers, they value every relationship and recognize that client satisfaction is truly the foundation of success.

Material to use with your Industrial CNC Router

When using your Industrial CNC Router to machine expensive substrates, it can be beneficial to run a test in a sacrificial material. Machinable wax is a smart choice in material to work with when you need to prototype parts before risking time and materials on a new design. Check out www.machinablewax.com

Are you using a new or unusual product with your router? If you think other router operators may benefit from its use do not hesitate to share.

F.B. Wright and their Industrial CNC Router

The majority of our customers are in the sign, graphics and cabinetry industries. It is always fun when a company from an unexpected industry invests in one of our Industrial CNC Router Systems to automate and improve their business applications.

A few days ago F.B. Wright Company took delivery of a Pro-Series Craftsman 510, 5'X10' Industrial CNC Router. F.B. Wright is a Michigan Based ISO 9000-2001 certified Manufacturer which fabricates plastic and rubber materials to a wide range of industrial customers. To learn more about F.B. Wright and the products they offer check out their website http://www.fbwright.com

To learn more about how a professional CNC Router system can benefit your shop call Industrial CNC Routers at 888-398-9285 or email info@industrialcnc.com