• Active Transit /Cutting speeds 900/700 IPM
  • Mechanical limit switches
  • Ultra High Precision R&P on X and Y Axis, Precision Ball Screw on Z Axis
  • Power 220
  • Easy to use G-code controller
  • Anti Backlash
Router FeaturesSpecifications
Table Size60" x 110"
X,Y,Z Working Area48" x 96" x 12"
X,Y,Z, Traveling Position Accuracy+/-.002
Frame StructureSteel
X.Y StructureAnti backlash Rack and Pinion
Z StructureOrbital Ball Screw
Max Speed0-900 IPM
Max Working Speed0-700 IPM
Spindle Power MotorHigh Frequency Conversion Water Cooled Motor
Working Mode24000r/min
Working VoltageAC220V
CommandIncludes MACH controller, G Code, dxf
XY Working Tolerance< 0.002
SoftwareMach3, full function 3d
Packing Size118" x 64" x 44"
Net Weight1,980 lbs
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